4 Tips To Help You Restart Your Exercise Routine

Restart Your Fitness Routine
So the weekend happened, and things didn’t go as planned. You planned to get on the treadmill, but then other priorities got in the way. Then, you were playing catch-up for the whole next week. Kids, school, work, housework, etc. Suddenly, it has been months and months since you have got a good sweat on!

Have you been there?

The truth is, it’s never too late to restart your exercise routine, regardless of how long it has been. So what is holding you back? This article will go over some simple yet effective ways to get back on track today.

Start Slow

It can be tempting to jump right back where you left off. Maybe you used to run a 5k in under 30 minutes, but that was three years ago. Start slow and simple by committing to 15 minutes of exercise three times per week.

Sure, doing more would equal better, faster results, but you don’t want to risk burning out again or an injury. Consistency is key. Don’t worry about intensity or frequency until you have established the habit of moving consistently again.

Do Something You Enjoy

Remember that time you lost some weight because you were running every day, even though you hate running? There are so many different ways to get a good workout, from dancing, yoga, strength training, classes, online apps, and even high-tech fitness equipment with virtual communities.

You are more likely to stick with a routine that you love, so choose wisely and never be afraid to change it up if you lose motivation or get bored.

Plan It Out

If you’ve been out of the groove for a while, likely, you haven’t carved out a specific time in the day to get it done. Don’t let your days continue to slip away. Plan it into your calendar, set the alarm on your phone, tell an accountability partner, or better yet, invite a friend or child to do it with you so you can’t back out.

Consider setting your gym clothes out so that they are staring you in the face when you wake up in the morning. If you can’t seem to stick to your plan, consider hiring an in-person or online coach to hold you accountable.

Allow For Rest and Recovery

Ever done a hard workout, and you feel sore and exhausted the next day? That’s a good thing because as your muscles try to repair themselves, you’re burning calories throughout the day. But, if you don’t allow them to recover, they will never have the chance to catch up.

Rest, recovery, and sleep are just as important as the exercise itself. So, don’t forget to stretch, implement rest days, and get consistent sleep to get the most out of your new routine.

Whether it has been a few weeks or a few years that you’ve been out of your exercise routine, it’s never too late to get up today and try again! Put on some shoes, put in your headphones, and get outside. Even just a simple walk or a few bodyweight movements can get the blood flowing and help you remember how good it feels to move your body!

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