Under Desk Pedals vs Under Desk Elliptical

Details About Treadmill Desk Attachments

Many employees who work at sedentary desk jobs wonder about different ways they can stay active throughout the day. There are many different machines that have been put on the market to increase activity throughout the day, whether that be using an exercise ball instead of a chair, or using a treadmill desk or treadmill desk attachment. Two other pieces of desk exercise equipment that are rather new to the market are under desk pedals and under desk ellipticals, designed to allow employees to stay moving and active throughout the day.

What Are Under Desk Pedals?

Under desk pedals are designed to give the user the experience of using an exercise bike in a compact, convenient shape that fits right under a desk. One can use the under desk pedals rather discreetly as you work throughout the day. A nice benefit to under desk pedals is that they don’t take up too much room so you can still rest you feet flat on the floor if you don’t want to pedal.

Pros And Cons Of Under Desk Pedals

Under desk pedals may assist in increasing energy expenditure at work and provide an opportunity for sedentary office employees to get more movement and exercise in their workday. Additionally, many under desk pedals have adjustable settings that can add resistance and create a more challenging workout experience. Employees that use under desk pedals may benefit from more energy throughout the workday. People that typically have problems feeling “fidgety” at work may benefit from under desk pedals, or even those who work in a chilly office and need a way to warm up without having to pile on sweatshirts or blankets.

Depending on the brand of under desk pedals, the machine may be loud or annoying. Additionally, it obviously will not provide the same level of energy expenditure as an actual bike, as the user has a limited range of motion pedaling underneath a desk. The under desk pedals may require the user to adjust their seated position, and it may be difficult to use in a standard office chair. Additionally, those who are looking to “torch calories” may be disappointed to find out that using under desk pedals does not burn as many calories as they may hope.

What Is An Under Desk Elliptical?

Similar to under desk pedals, an under desk elliptical mimics a regular elliptical machine, with the foot pedal part of it fitting compactly underneath a desk. An under desk elliptical may feature adjustable settings that can help strengthen the legs throughout the workday.

Pros And Cons Of An Under Desk Elliptical

The nature of motion that ellipticals require may allow for a more “strengthening” effect than under desk pedals. Many people prefer elliptical machines to bikes, meaning they may derive more enjoyment from the under desk elliptical. Some under desk ellipticals may have desirable features like connecting to your FitBit or Apple Watch so you can monitor heart rate and calorie burn if those are things that appeal to you.

Under desk ellipticals may be more expensive and heavier than under desk pedals. Additionally, they may be larger and take up more space. Similarly to under desk pedals, an under desk elliptical may be “clunky” or awkward to use while sitting in your work chair. Using an under desk elliptical may also cause the legs or knees to bump into the desk and may require rearranging to make it work in your office space.

Are Under Desk Pedals Or Ellipticals Effective?

In the end, whether under desk pedals or ellipticals are “effective” is really based upon what the user wants to get out of them. Are they effective in providing a way for employees to move more throughout the day, thus increasing energy? Are they effective in warming up the body and allowing employees to expend some of the “fidgeting” energy they may have from sitting at a desk all day? The answer to those questions is most likely yes. However, if one is looking for a way to burn a large number of calories throughout the day, neither under desk pedals or an under desk elliptical will likely provide that effect.

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