Zach Bitter Breaks 100 Mile Treadmill World Record On NordicTrack Treadmill

Zach Bitter 100 Miles On A Treadmill
Ultrarunners bring the concept of endurance running to a whole new level. To qualify as an ultrarun, it is commonly accepted that a race must be at least 50 kilometers (31 miles) or beyond (up to 100+ miles). This year, endurance athlete Zach Bitter has crushed two incredible records in the ultrarunning world. He is currently the world record holder of both the 100 mile indoor track and 100 mile treadmill run. Amazingly, prior to this record breaking run he’d never run more than 30 miles on a treadmill.

Zach Bitter- World Record Holder For Running 100 Miles On A Treadmill

You may be wondering, what kind of athlete goes after these types of records? Zach Bitter describes himself as a patient man that enjoys running. He is a professional runner for Altra, coach, and consultant. Basically, he eats, sleeps, and dreams about running. In May 2020, he was able to break the record 100 mile treadmill record with a time of 12:09:15, crushing the previous record set by David Proctor in 2018 by 13 minutes.

Just How Fast Is Zach?

An average fit person that runs somewhat regularly can expect to run one mile in 9 to 10 minutes. Zach’s average pace throughout his 100 mile run was 7:17. To put this into further context, that means he ran the equivalent of nearly 4 marathons at 3 hours each- one after the other. Healthline reports that an average marathon runner finishes their race within 4-5 hours, with any finishing time under 4 hours considered elite. To say the least, Zach Bitter is an elite runner with some major stamina.

Zach Bitter Treadmill Logistics

The logistics of Zach’s race day took 4 weeks of planning to make sure there were no major hiccups. He had two Nordictrack X22i treadmills setup for his run to switch between every few hours. Plus, he wanted to have a backup in the case of a malfunction that would affect his results. With the well-designed treadmill belt he was running on, he admits that the terrain was relatively easy on his legs. As always, he was wearing Altra brand shoes (his sponsor) for extra support, with one recent report noting that his favorite indoor running shoes are the Altra Solstice.

Troubleshooting A 100 Mile Treadmill Run

Luckily, Zach had no major issues with the Nordictrack treadmills on his record breaking day. Instead, his biggest issue was dealing with the heat of his Phoenix home and staying properly hydrated. With two beefy treadmills, camera equipment, a fan, and an air-conditioner running- his home was reportedly in the 70s throughout his run and struggling with the power output. He was able to stay hydrated with an S-fuel Race hydration mix, reporting that he drank 10 packs of it throughout his race.

He also admits his biggest risk throughout the day of running was mental exhaustion. As expected, running in one place for hours on end can get monotonous. For entertainment he varied his pace throughout the day, “chatted” with his friends on Zoom, and listened to a lot of music and podcasts.

Records Are Made To Be Broken

The new Zach Bitter record for treadmill running is definitely an amazing feat. Being able to run for such an extended amount of time in one place is a true demonstration of both physical and mental strength. Who will be next to break the Zach Bitter 100 mile record? Only time will show what competitors will accept the challenge. With many of this year’s ultrarunning events being cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, he may have some rivals looking for a challenge sooner than later

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