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Updated: February 2, 2024

I think we have reached peak cycling energy with the Freebeat LIT Bike. It is so much fun and so upbeat. The bike comes in four colorways–pink, white, black, and beige. Somehow the neutral colors are just as fun as the pink! The Freebeat LIT Bike pairs studio classes with energetic music and gamified exercise. There are classes and a rhythm game. This bike is so motivating. This review of the Freebeat LIT Bike explores all the fun rainbow-colored surprises and how it performs outside of all the high-energy flashiness.

Freebeat LIT Bike Review 2023
The FreeBeat LIT Bike is for cyclists who want to have fun and want exercise to be a game.

Who The Freebeat LIT Bike Is Best For:

  • High-energy Studio Cyclists: The bike will bring the beat and the energy, but you have to be ready to match it. Don’t cramp the Freebeat LIT Bike’s style.
  • Anyone Struggling to Get Motivated: No exercise bike can force you to exercise, but the Freebeat LIT Bike tries its hardest with gamified workouts and colorful aesthetics.
  • Gamers: The Freebeat LIT Bike gamifies its studio classes and includes a rhythm game similar to Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Earn points and combo multipliers to move up the leaderboard.
  • Aesthetic Bikers: Choose from Moonbow Beige, Snowpeak White, Space Black, and Aurora Pink, all adorned with a wood-paneled flywheel. The Freebeat LIT Bike might be the most aesthetically pleasing exercise bike on the market.
  • Peloton Budget Shoppers: If Peloton pricers have you balking, the Freebeat LIT Bike has studio classes matched with music for a much lower initial cost and a slight monthly subscription discount.

Pros And Cons Of The Freebeat LIT Bike


  • The Freebeat LIT Bike is extremely fun, with gamified classes and colorful graphics.
  • The studio classes are paired with music, much like Peloton.
  • The LIT Bike comes in four different colors: beige, black, white, or pink, with a wood panel flywheel.
  • The seat and handlebars are adjustable and comfortable.
  • The resistance has 100 levels that are very hard at the top end.
  • The classes have hard and easy RPM options for beginners or experienced riders.


  • The auto resistance does not always match the trainer’s cues.
  • There are not as many non-cycling classes as I would like for the monthly price, but classes are added regularly.

Exercise Bike Review Of The Freebeat LIT Bike

Build Quality

Freebeat LIT Bike Review 2023
The FreeBeat LIT Bike comes in four colors, including a very fun pink.


The Freebeat LIT Bike has a welded steel frame coated with one of four colors. This is a beautiful bike that will look nice in most homes. The three neutral colorways look sleek and refined, blending seamlessly into the rest of your home’s aesthetic. For the more adventurous user, the Aurora Pink colorway will be a nice addition to a colorful room or a focal point in a more minimal space.


The saddle is a firm and sporty saddle, but it is not too hard. I was much more comfortable on this saddle than on many of the other exercise bikes I have tested. Novice cyclists may want to consider padded cycling shorts or a padded seat cover for increased comfort. The saddle has a sensor beneath it for detecting whether you are seated or standing. Some of the classes have out of the saddle portions, which you will be rewarded for following.

Freebeat LIT Bike saddle
The saddle is small but not too firm. It can be adjusted up and down or forward and backward.


The handlebars have the usual bullhorn shape. There aren’t as many grip options as found on other exercise bikes, but the handles are comfortable. The texture prevents slipping even when you are sweaty from the intense workouts. The handlebar thickness was comfortable for me to grip.

Freebeat LIT Bike Handlebars
The Freebeat LIT Bike has simple bullhorn handlebars.


The pedals are flat with toe cages. Freebeat does have Delta clip pedals for sale on their accessories page for cyclists who prefer them. I got a secure fit with the toe cages for a full pedal stroke. The Freebeat LIT Bike pedals can be swapped out for non-Freebeat pedals if you prefer to use SPD pedals.

Freebeat LIT Exercise Bike cycling and pedals
The Freebeat LIT Bike has flat pedals with toe cages but may be swapped out for other pedals.


The Freebeat LIT Bike has 100 magnetic resistance levels. The highest levels provide great resistance to challenge experienced cyclists. The resistance is also digital, allowing the classes to adjust the settings to match the trainer’s cues automatically. The resistance match isn’t always timed precisely or may seem contrary to the trainer’s instructions. I think this will be an easy thing for Freebeat to improve. My workouts were not overly disrupted, as I could easily twist the dial to make corrections when needed.

The resistance knob is located on the bike frame within easy reach. The dial activates a motor that brings the magnet closer or farther away from the flywheel. The motor makes a little noise, so the bike is not perfectly silent. It is a subtle sound, and I did not find it disruptive.

Freebeat LIT Bike resistance
The Freebeat LIT Bike has manual and automatic resistance adjustments.

Features & Accessories

The FreeBeat LIT Bike has smart and interactive features that pull you into your workout. The bike is beautiful and has all the typical exercise bike features. The design quality is impressive for the LIT Bike’s price point.


The touchscreen measures 21.5 inches, which is a great size. I don’t notice much difference between the Freebeat’s screen and the Peloton Bike+’s 23.8-inch screen, whereas a 27-inch screen on the NordicTrack S27i Exercise Bike feels almost too large.

The graphics of the LIT Bike screen are great. I did not notice any lag while I was training. The classes are busy with bright colors and changing backgrounds, and the screen displays them well. The screen displays off-bike content by pivoting more than 180 degrees from side to side. Be mindful of the wires running from the screen through the bike, as pivoting the screen too far could cause issues.

Freebeat LIT Bike Content Menu
The Freebeat LIT Bike has a large touchscreen with good quality graphics.

Cup Holder

The Freebeat LIT Bike has two cup holders mounted on the handlebars beneath the screen. They are tinted plastic with a smoky appearance. There isn’t a device rack, but I used one bottle holder for my phone and reserved the other for water. My belongings stayed put during my workout.

Freebeat LIT Bike cup holder
There are two smoky cup holders at the front of the LIT Bike.


The LIT Bike does not include weights, which may be a drawback for some exercisers. The dual weight rack is included. It is metal and mounted to the back of the saddle. The weights available to order from Freebeat are 3 lb dumbbells, standard among exercise bikes. Such light weights have limited utility, but they add a bit of upper body resistance. They are a good addition to the bike for users that do not have an established upper-body workout routine.

Freebeat LIT Bike weights
The Freebeat LIT Bike does not include weights but has a dual dumbbell rack behind the saddle.


The speakers are front facing. They provide quality sound that suits the energetic atmosphere of the Freebeat classes.


Bluetooth connects compatible headphones to the Freebeat LIT Bike. The music is so fun, but you might not always want to share the party with your housemates. In that case, put your headphones or earbuds in pairing mode and connect with a few taps of the screen.


Getting on the Freebeat LIT Bike for the first time, I did not have high hopes. With Peloton’s meteoric success, it is only to be expected that brands would come out of the woodwork trying to rip them off. I did not get that vibe from the Freebeat LIT Bike. It is doing something totally unique. It builds so far on top of Peloton’s music-integrated studio classes that it has an entirely unique feel.

The Freebeat LIT Bike has unmatched energy. Overly preppy workout classes normally put me off, but this one immediately hooked me. The instructors cycle in front of kaleidoscopic backgrounds that seem ripped straight out of a video game. They change with the songs, and it may be overwhelming for some viewers. The trainers match the music energy to keep you in a motivated mindset the entire time. Peloton’s leaderboard intimidates me a bit, but the Freebeat leaderboard puts me in a competitive mindset. It feels so much like a game that the experience recalls Mario Kart, especially Rainbow Road.

Freebeat LIT Exercise Bike Training
The Freebeat LIT Bike is the highest energy exercise bike.

The challenge of the classes is to match either the easy RPM or the hard RPM. The hard RPM is double that of the easy RPM. Both match the beat of the music, making the workout easier for the musically inclined athlete. Your score and position on the leaderboard depend on your accuracy. Consistent accuracy means more points and a higher combo multiplier. Hitting the hard RPM earns more points than the easy RPM, rewarding you for your hard work. The classes incorporate upper-body movements like pushups on the handlebars. There are off-bike segments, so make sure you have room around the LIT Bike.

I pushed myself a lot harder than I intended to quite often on the Freebeat Bike. The gamification is not gimmicky. For the right cyclist, it really works, transforming a previously boring activity. It helps that the bike is comfortable, beautiful, and well-designed.

Freebeat LIT Bike cycling
The Freebeat LIT Bike always motivates me to train harder than I think I am going to.

Subscription & Content Options or Training Options

The Freebeat LIT Bike comes with a 45-day free trial. The membership is $39/month afterward, providing access to Freebeat’s constantly updated content. New cycling studio classes are added every day. The non-cycling content is much more limited compared to competitors, but the platform is newer. There are some strength and stretching classes for cyclists to use for cross-training. The pivoting screen makes it easy to view this content off the bike.

Freebeat LIT Exercise Bike Studio Class
The studio classes perfectly combine gaming and training for a super fun ride.

The Freebeat LIT Bike has a rhythm game in addition to the music-infused classes. This game works similarly to Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Music notes come flying toward you, and your job is to pedal on the beat to hit each note. Be careful not to miss any! This game is a lot of fun, and I hope Freebeat continues to add more game features to their content as it really sets them apart from other brands. The bike is also well suited to riding along with these games while still providing an excellent workout.

Freebeat LIT Bike Games
The rhythm game is very reminiscent of Rock Band or Guitar Hero, which I really love.

The Freebeat LIT Bike can be used without a subscription. It has limited options. The Freebeat LIT Bike allows cyclists to “Just Ride,” which is the manual activity. There is a 15-minute free trial class to sample the membership content. With such limited features, the LIT Bike functions best with the subscription membership.

Freebeat LIT Bike Scenic Ride
If you need a break from the high energy and games, Freebeat also offers scenic rides.

Bottom Line Review of the Freebeat LIT Bike

The Freebeat LIT Bike lives up to its ‘lit’ moniker. I truly have fun every time I get on the bike, enjoying the energetic classes and fun music mixes. The Freebeat LIT Bike provides fantastic content, and I can not recommend the subscription platform more. It truly sets the LIT Bike apart. The fun colorways are right on brand, and the bike looks beautiful. The bike is perfectly constructed to support an immersive, gamified experience. It makes a great Peloton alternative or motivational tool for cyclists struggling with motivation

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