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Updated: October 25, 2023

This review of the NordicTrack S27i details my favorite features of this exercise bike and a couple that could be improved. The NordicTrack S27i is from the brand’s Commercial Studio Bike series, known for its incline and decline feature. The S27i has the largest screen, at 27 inches. There’s no better way to tour iFIT classes, filmed in worldwide locations. Indoor cyclists looking for a premium exercise bike or an outdoor-like experience need to look no further than the S27i.

NordicTrack S27i Exercise Bike Review 2024
A 27-inch screen on an indoor bike is huge!

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Who The NordicTrack S27i Studio Bike Is Best For:

  • Outdoor Cyclists Moving Indoors: The S7i has a unique incline and decline feature, allowing indoor cyclists to replicate the varying grade of riding outdoors. This feature is only found in NordicTrack’s Studio Bike series.
  • Quiet Bikers: The Silent Magnetic Resistance keeps this bike quiet. If you use Bluetooth to listen to iFIT content, the only noises you have to worry about are the beep of manually adjusting the settings from the handlebars or the soft susurrus of the fan.
  • Scenic Route Takers: iFIT’s content is filmed all over the world, so you can explore all kinds of routes while staying right at home. Better yet, the screen is 27 inches, providing you with a picturesque view. The 27i is practically a portal to anywhere you wish!
  • iFIT Fanatics: The 27i can deliver a hands-free exercise experience through iFIT’s AutoAdjust technology. I truly believe that the S27i is better when paired with this subscription, making it ideal for willing subscribers. If you want to skip the iFIT integration, a different bike might be a better fit.

Pros And Cons Of The NordicTrack S27i


  • The 27” touchscreen is an extravagant feature.
  • The incline and decline features simulate the outdoor experience better than most other exercise bikes.
  • iFIT trainers can take control of your incline and resistance settings, so you can focus on the ride and not adjusting the settings yourself.
  • The 350 lb weight limit and adjustable saddle and handlebar posts help the S27i accommodate more users.
  • The flywheel is a substantial 32 lbs, allowing the bike to move fluidly with each pedal stroke.
  • The speakers are effective and front-facing for an improved listening experience. Bluetooth provides a second listening option.


  • The seat is very firm but can be swapped out for any standard road bike seat.
  • The S27i is a heavy bike and may be more difficult for some users to lift. I managed on my own, but user experience may vary.

Exercise Bike Review Of The NordicTrack S27i

NordicTrack S27i Build Quality

NordicTrack S27i profile
The frame is solid and more difficult to move than other indoor bikes.


The S27i has a robust, welded steel frame. The black coating is corrosion-resistant, ensuring your sweat does not eat away at the metal. The front and back stabilizers keep the bike in place for the hardest efforts. The back stabilizer is easy to grip for lifting the bike onto its front-mounted transport wheels. It is heavier than other exercise bikes, so some users may need help relocating it. I could do it on my own across hard flooring without an issue. Your experience may differ.


The saddle is the one feature I do not like. It is forgivable, as it can be easily replaced with any standard road bike seat. You could also use a seat cover to make it more comfortable. More experienced cyclists, used to firmer saddles, should not have a problem. However, beginners will quickly notice the saddle’s firmness. The saddle is adjustable horizontally and vertically, allowing users to get a better fit.

NordicTrack S27i saddle
The saddle could be improved. Luckily, you can swap it out.


The NordicTrack S27i has great handles. They have a rubbery texture, not as soft as most road bike handles but fairly standard for exercise bikes. They comfortably accommodate the first, second, and third hand positions. At the third position, users are positioned right at the membrane buttons for resistance and incline. These buttons have some tactile feedback, so they feel nice to press. These buttons are harder to reach without coming out of the saddle. You also must click a lot or hold the button down to change from the lower end of the range to the higher end.

NordicTrack S27i handles
The handlebars are comfortable and provide access to the resistance and incline controls.


The NordicTrack S27i has hybrid pedals to accommodate however you want to ride. The pedals have toe cages for use with any athletic shoes. The other side of the pedals is built with SPD clips for use with compatible cycling shoes. My size 8B foot fits into the toe cages well, with the pedal positioned comfortably beneath the ball of my foot. The cage is adjustable enough to get a snug and secure fit.

NordicTrack S27i pedals
The pedals are hybrid pedals with SPD clips on one side and toe cages on the other.

Resistance and Incline

Twenty-four levels of resistance may seem low for those familiar with Peloton’s one hundred resistance levels. Yet, the S27i is implemented with an incline and decline. The grade acts as a further resistance variable. For instance, a level thirteen resistance feels easy riding downhill, sustainable at a flat grade, and challenging on a steep grade.

A DC motor powers the grade changes. It sits behind the bike on the rear stabilizer. It adds a touch of noise, but only when the incline changes. The incline adjustments take a moment to get used to, but soon enough, you are cruising along, feeling that terrain change almost like it does outdoors.

NordicTrack S27i controls
The resistance buttons controls the silent magnetic resistance applied to the flywheel.

Features & Accessories

The NordicTrack S27i delivers features that showcase why NordicTrack is a high-end, respectable brand. The S27i sits at the top of their Commercial Studion lineup and well deserves its placement there. The 27” HD touchscreen may take center stage, but NordicTrack’s attention to detail shines through in the S27i’s features.


The S27i’s console is dominated by the super-sized touchscreen, ideal for bringing you iFIT’s content. The console places the standard and unique features of the S27i within reach. Once the seat and handlebars are adjusted to your preference, you will struggle to find a reason to leave the saddle!

The S27i has four sets of buttons. Two sets of these buttons are on the handlebars–the incline and resistance controls. The other two sets are located beneath the screen on the display. These buttons control the fan and volume. The volume can also be more precisely controlled onscreen–the trainer and music volume can be adjusted separately.

NordicTrack S22i display
The 22-inch touchscreen dominates your view from the saddle.


The NordicTrack S27i Studio Bike is so named for its 27-inch touchscreen. This is one of the largest exercise bike screens, overshadowing the S22i’s 22-inch screen and the Peloton Bike+’s 24-inch screen. The screen can pivot and tilt for more comfortable, glare-free viewing. The pivot also makes the screen usable for off-bike workouts. iFIT has thousands of classes, including those compatible with other types of cardio equipment, strength training, yoga, and guided meditation classes.

The large size of the screen makes it easy to use and navigate. The touchscreen is very sensitive. One touch is all that is needed to control or customize your workout experience. There is little to no lag with a good WiFi connection (necessary for accessing iFIT). The screen can be a little hard to reach from the saddle, but I think this is necessary for proper viewing. If the screen were any closer, it would be uncomfortable to look at.

NordicTrack S22i display
The screen is large and clear for viewing spectacular iFIT content.


One water bottle holder is attached to the frame of the S27i. It can fit the standard cycling water bottle or a disposable water bottle. There is also a place for your phone or keys. A small tray sits between the handlebars for quick access. It remains stable throughout your ride, so you do not have to worry about your device being dislodged by the incline or decline.

NordicTrack S27i cupholder
There is one bottle holder mounted to the frame.


Not all exercise bikes are equipped with a fan, so I like that NordicTrack thoughtfully included one of the S27i. It would be an easy feature to overlook. The fan is not the most powerful, and the angle didn’t quite work for me. The fan points a little low for my taste but provides a cooling breeze. I preferred to have it on the highest setting. It has three settings plus an automatic feature. The AutoBreeze option lets iFIT control the fan’s speed to adjust to your intensity level.

NordicTrack S27i controls
Not all indoor bikes have fans, but you will be thankful to have one on the S27i.


The NordicTrack S27i has front-facing speakers. They are sufficiently powerful for hearing the iFIT classes and Feed.fm music. Feed.fm is built into the iFIT platform, offering several different genres of music radio. The music selections are updated to current popular songs or decade-specific music.

NordicTrack S27i speakers
Listen to audio through the speakers or via Bluetooth headphones.


For users who prefer a private listening experience, the S27i has Bluetooth connectivity. Simply connect your Bluetooth headphones from the settings screen or within an activity. The audio is great, and I did not experience any lag while listening. If you have a compatible heart rate monitor, you can also pair the monitor for heart rate-based training.


The S27i comes with two 3 lb hand weights, adding an upper body resistance component to your cycling routine. These weights are included at no additional cost, whereas other brands charge a fee. I don’t find the weights very helpful. I prefer to keep my upper body training separate from my cycling, so I can train with much heavier weights. If you are more interested in getting a full body workout on your bike or doing high repetition, muscular endurance training, these weights might work for you. Regardless, they are included with the S27i and stored out of the way at the back of the bike. I recommend removing them while the bike is being relocated.

NordicTrack S27i weights
The weights are rear-mounted, unlike the S22i.


The NordicTrack S27i performs well, thanks to a heavy flywheel that keeps every turn of the pedals smooth. If you ever feel like your legs are pedaling away faster than you can keep up, there is a stop button on the frame to brake the flywheel. Unlike other exercise bikes, this stop button does not also twist to increase or decrease resistance. The silent magnetic resistance is digital, controlled via the buttons on the handlebars or the screen. I don’t mind this feature, as I utilize the hands-free AutoAdjust of the iFIT platform. It also allows the incline and resistance to be adjusted from the same position–the third hand position. If you plan to ride a lot in manual mode, you might prefer a bike with a resistance-adjusting knob.

NordicTrack S27i pedalling
Soar downhill with lightened resistance or fight uphill with heavier resistance.

I enjoy the incline and decline of the S27i. It was easy to adapt to, and it made me more excited for every ride. I looked forward to the relief of the downhills as I pushed through the uphills. I felt sturdy and supported in the saddle or rising out of it. The maximum resistance is pretty heavy, but add incline to it, and it becomes a whole new challenge.

NordicTrack S27i incline pedal
The toe cages allow me to position my feet comfortably over the pedals.

Overall, the NordicTrack S27i performs very well. The saddle is my biggest complaint, but it is easily remedied. The touchscreen is striking, and the incline is a standout. I recommend this bike for outdoor cyclists forced indoors or anyone seeking a premium, high-tech experience.

iFIT Subscription & Content Options

Ride around the block with the Google Maps integration without ever leaving your home. You can plan routes in familiar places or places you only dream of going. Google Street View scrolls through your chosen route at your speed. It’s nowhere near as smooth as iFIT’s filmed classes, but it is a lot of fun. If you have ever used Google Maps Street View to preview a route, that’s exactly what this experience is like, except the incline and decline change to match the real-world grade.

NordicTrack S27i display
Photos don’t do the global content justice.

If you prefer more refined premium content, iFIT has it. Start a series or select a workout class from one of the many professional trainers. The content is motivating and informative. I like the incorporation of training instruction mixed in with educational information about the location the class is filmed in. The 27-inch touchscreen is the perfect delivery for premium content.

NordicTrack S27i display
I love riding virtually in places I may never get to see in person.

A subscription is not required to use the S27i. If you cancel your subscription after the free 30-day trial, you can continue using the exercise bike. With WiFi, you retain access to manual activity and a select few iFIT workouts. There are also some basic preset programs, such as the kind you would find on gym equipment. You are restricted to manual activity without WiFi, regardless of your subscription status.

Bottom Line Review of the NordicTrack S27i Exercise Bike

The NordicTrack S27i Exercise Bike is a high-end exercise bike from its flywheel to its touchscreen. It melds high-tech with a user-friendly, large display. I love that the S27i has a category-dominating weight capacity of 350 lbs and adjustability in the saddle and handlebars. This bike will appeal to many different users, from the chronically outdoors to the studio fiend. The NordicTrack S27i is unique with its incline and decline of -10% to 20%. Call me impressed.

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