NordicTrack Exercise Bike Reviews 2022

Last Updated: 1-10-2022

NordicTrack makes much more than high-quality treadmills, they also manufacture a broad variety of exercise bikes. While our main focus here at Treadmill Reviews is naturally treadmills, cycling is a natural cross-training addition to treadmill training, one we normally recommend. Read from our full list of NordicTrack exercise bike reviews to find the best bike for your home gym.

To help you choose the right NordicTrack exercise bike for your needs, we wanted to briefly review each exercise bike as a series and individually. That way, you will have a good idea of whether the bike in question will be a good match for your cross-training needs.

Find out where NordicTrack ranks compared to other popular home exercise bikes by reading our list of best exercise bikes.

NordicTrack Exercise Bike Product Line Summary

There are currently eight exercise bikes that make up the NordicTrack exercise bike line, split up into four different series. Each series offers different benefits depending on what kind of exerciser you are and what kind of fitness you are aiming for in the future. All of the bikes offer a variety of top-of-the-line fitness technology and are generally more affordable than other NordicTrack products.

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle Series

The NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle exercise bike series is the current premier bike series from NordicTrack. With a starting price of $1,499, both of these bikes have the ability to decline to -10% and incline up to 20% incline, giving you a more realistic ride for when you are training for an outdoor race. Commercial-grade steel was used in these bikes construction, making them durable and able to accommodate users who weigh up to 350 lbs. Also, they both include a free year membership to iFit Coach, which will help you reach your health and fitness goals faster.

These bikes range from $1,599 to $2,999 and include brilliant HD touchscreen displays to follow along with the iFit Coach exercises, whether you want to bike in a foreign locale or sweat it out during a studio session.

If you want to quickly change resistance levels or the incline, you have the options right along the console edges or on the handlebars. The S15i and the S22i smoothly and silently transition between incline and resistance levels, so you don’t have to interrupt your workout to crank a knob to turn up the resistance or anything like that.

NordicTrack Grand Tour Series

The NordicTrack Grand Tour series is a good option to check out. Both bikes have high weight capacities thanks to their quality construction, an incline range of -10% to 10%, come with two 3-lbs integrated dumbbells, and oversized seat cushions to make the ride more comfortable. Starting in price at $999, the Grand Tour bikes are a good deal. Read their individual reviews to learn more.

NordicTrack Recumbent Bike Series

Designed to provide a more relaxed position than your average stationary bike, the NordicTrack Recumbent Bike series combines fitness with comfort. Ideal for beginners and for those who are a little unsteady on other exercise bikes, the Recumbent Bike series starts at $699, making these bikes very affordable.

NordicTrack Upright Bike Series

The NordicTrack Upright Stationary Bike series is a good bike for beginner and intermediate cyclists as well as those more advanced bikers who lack room for a larger exercise bike. One of the significant benefits to the Upright Stationary Bike series is the excellent fitness packed into a compact upright frame package. They have the ability to sync with NordicTrack iFit Coach and at least 30 exercise programs already on board the bikes. Even better, they are two of the most affordable exercise bikes from NordicTrack, starting at $599 so you can outfit your home gym.

NordicTrack Exercise Bikes: Incorporate Tech For Greater Fitness

Part of NordicTrack’s major appeal is its incorporation of technology to produce greater fitness results. All of their exercise bikes come with a high standard of technology, even in their more budget models, with their high-end exercise bikes containing premier fitness technology to help more people reach their health and fitness goals. Three of the clearest inclusion of top-tier workout tech are:

  • iFit Coach – Travel the world on your stationary bike with the help of iFit Coach. With beautifully shot videos, you can virtually bike all around the world, with or without an iFit Coach personal trainer to keep you moving. You can also access on-demand studio sessions and enjoy spin classes on your own time, as well as enjoy working out with other iFit community members.
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) – A continual concern for many of our readers is how loud the treadmills we review are when in use. With the NordicTrack exercise bikes, SMR keeps the bikes silent when in use, so no one is disturbed no matter when you want to workout.
  • Touchscreens – Most of the NordicTrack exercise bikes come with touchscreens as the display part of the console. These touchscreens make the exercise bikes easy for everyone to use, as you can easily navigate between workout programs, exercise data, and more with the touch of a finger.
  • Heart rate monitoring – Using heart rate feedback information is a key part of accurately understanding your exercise exertion. All of the NordicTrack bikes come with EKG handlebar contact spots and several of them come with iFit Bluetooth chest straps for even more accurate heart rate monitoring.

Which NordicTrack Exercise Bike Is Best?

For the most part, the best NordicTrack exercise bike is the one that is the right one for your fitness needs. But if you are looking for a more definitive answer to help you narrow down your choices, below are our top exercise bike picks from NordicTrack.

These exercise bikes come at varying price points and will take different amounts of floor space in your home gym. The Commercial VU 19 will take some of the least space, and the Grand Tour, as well as the S22i Studio Cycle, will allow you to enjoy more realistic cycling. With the S22i, you have the best of all of the NordicTrack bikes, and all of them come with a free year membership to iFit Coach.

Our Bottom Line Review On NordicTrack Exercise Bikes

If you have been looking at exercise bikes to complement your running, then NordicTrack exercise bikes are worth your time. They are affordably priced, and if you already have a NordicTrack treadmill or elliptical, you can have your iFit Coach workout data automatically recorded during your bike workouts as well as your other NordicTrack machine exercises.

We will always love NordicTrack’s treadmills, and the quality of the NordicTrack exercise bikes has definitely cemented their place as a top fitness brand.