Weslo Treadmill Reviews 2018

Last Updated: 2/27/2018

Established in 1977, Weslo started life as an import company for home goods. When Weslo began to develop home fitness equipment, the company created it under the name of ProForm, which is now a well-known fitness brand. In its current state, Weslo operates under the umbrella of ICON Health and Fitness, making Weslo a sister brand to not only ProForm, but also NordicTrack, HealthRider, and FreeMotion Fitness.

Along with treadmills, Weslo produces a line of ellipticals and exercise bikes.

Weslo Treadmill Product Line Summary

In general, it seems that when it comes to treadmills, Weslo is content to produce cheap treadmills and leave the higher-end treadmills to their sister companies. There are only five treadmills being currently manufactured by Weslo, which may change as the year progresses. Currently, while all of the Weslo treadmills can fold, they use the older, spring-release pin to keep the deck secured, rather than the more secure hydraulic locking system that other modern treadmills use.

Cadence G Series

The Cadence G Series includes the bulk of the Weslo treadmill line with three treadmills in this series. These treadmills range in price from $399 to $1,999. They share many features in common from their treadmill belts measuring 16” wide by 50” long, 10 MPH max speed, and LCD displays. None of these three treadmills have a weight capacity over 275 lbs, so heavier users or ones approaching the weight limit should look for other options when searching for a treadmill.

Cadence R Series

There is only one treadmill currently in the Cadence R series and it is priced at $399. It is a slim treadmill which may contribute to the fact that it is not very sturdy when you move any faster than a brisk walk. There are only 2 incline levels this treadmill can be adjusted to and has a max weight capacity of 250 lbs.

CrossWalk Series

Combining some of the motion of an elliptical, the CrossWalk series has movable arms attached to the uprights of the treadmill. That way, users can use the moving arms to fit in a more complete workout on their treadmill. That said, the one treadmill that makes up this series is also a less than sturdy model. It has a 2.25 CHP motor, 90-day parts and labor warranty, 250 lbs weight capacity, and a treadmill belt measuring 16” wide by 47” long.

Out-Of-Stock Weslo Treadmills

For those interested in an out-of-stock Weslo treadmill model, you can check out our reviews on the older model we reviewed before it was moved out of current production.

Our Ruling On Weslo Treadmills

When reviewing treadmills on Treadmill Review, it can be difficult to look at a brand like Weslo and not immediately dismiss it. The majority of their treadmills are priced at $399 and while the affordability is nice, they are clearly cheap treadmills.

Some of the other clear cons when it comes to Weslo treadmills are:

  • No crossbar or other stabilizing factors to keep the console from wobbling when you try to jog
  • There is at most 8 workout programs on a Weslo treadmill and usually only has 6 programs.
  • None have a weight capacity over 275 lbs and based on the thin frames, we aren’t positive they can hold that much weight.

On the other hand, there are some things which make Weslo treadmills ideal for some users. Some of the pros of these treadmills are:

  • Four out of the five treadmills Weslo produces only cost $399. This makes these treadmills more accessible for those with tight fitness budgets.
  • The small treadmill belts which are on average 16” wide and 50” long, can be an asset to those with limited space available for workout equipment. The slim frame and ability to fold make these treadmills ideal for homes and apartments where space is at a premium.
  • For those who just want a treadmill to walk on and don’t have any other fitness needs, a Weslo treadmill wouldn’t be a bad choice as it is both affordable and simple.

If you have limited needs when it comes to your treadmill workouts, then you may want to consider buying a Weslo treadmill. However, if you would like more engagement, better durability, high weight capacity, and more features in your treadmill, then you should check out the Weslo sister company treadmills from ProForm, NordicTrack, and FreeMotion.