Bodyguard Fitness Treadmill Reviews 2018

Last Updated: 4/5/2018

Established in 1969, Bodyguard Fitness has focused on manufacturing both residential and commercial fitness equipment, starting with developing a rower. It wasn’t until the mid-90s that Bodyguard Fitness came out with their first treadmill. Since the development of that first piece of cardio equipment, Bodyguard Fitness has narrowed in on manufacturing treadmills, exercise bikes, rowers, and ellipticals.

Bodyguard Treadmill Product Line Summary

Like many other less well-known treadmill brands, Bodyguard Fitness has a limited treadmill lineup, with only three treadmills currently being produced.This does make it simpler for Treadmill Reviews to test and review these treadmills. It is no slight on the treadmill lines, as some good treadmills come from limited product lines. However, one of the things different about Bodyguard Fitness is its unusual stance on equipment returns.

Unlike other fitness equipment brands, Bodyguard Fitness does not accept equipment returns. They have stated that Bodyguard will honor the warranty and repair or replace anything wrong with a piece of equipment you receive. But there is no trial period where you can receive a refund if you don’t like the Bodyguard equipment you bought. Consumers should be very sure of themselves before purchasing anything from Bodyguard Fitness.

T Series

The T series is the current treadmill series being manufactured by Bodyguard Fitness. There are three treadmills, with prices which range from $2,999 up to $4,499. The prices and specs of the three treadmills are the same between the residential treadmills and commercial versions. The only difference is that the commercial warranty for these treadmills is shorter than the residential warranty.

Aside from superficial differences, the three treadmills have very similar technical specification. They can all accommodate users weighing up to 400 lbs, max speed of 12 MPH, simple consoles, only come with contact heart rate monitoring grips and more. The specs are fairly simple considering the price of these treadmills.

Out-Of-Stock Bodyguard Treadmills

With a fitness company as old as Bodyguard Fitness, it is unsurprising that they have treadmills which have gone out-of-stock. If you are curious about some of the older treadmills and how they compare to the newer series or want to investigate one of these treadmills before purchasing it second-hand, feel free to read the below review.

Our Ruling On Bodyguard Treadmills

Coming to a conclusion on Bodyguard treadmills was a fairly quick process, partly because there were only three treadmills to test and review. The other part was due to the fact that it didn’t take much time to conclude that the Bodyguard treadmills are priced beyond their quality. To understand our ruling, we decided to explain the pros and cons of these treadmills.

Pros of the Bodyguard treadmills:

  • High weight capacity – All Bodyguard treadmills can accommodate a user who weighs up to 400 lbs. Not many residential treadmills go above 300-350 lbs.
  • Good warranty – While many good treadmills have lifetime frame and motor warranties, the Bodyguard treadmills have 3-year labor warranties. The T-75 has a lifetime parts warranty, with the T-30 and T-45 having 10-year parts warranties. This is better than many residential treadmills.
  • Durable build quality – The majority of the Bodyguard treadmills are manufactured with strong metal parts and very little plastic. What plastic is on the treadmill is thick and sturdy.

While these features are good, there are others which cause us to view the Bodyguard treadmills as overpriced. The cons of the Bodyguard treadmills:

  • Limited workout programs – There are at most 15 workout programs on the Bodyguard treadmills. For such expensive treadmills, we expect more workout programs for users of all ability levels.
  • Small treadmill motors – With treadmill motors ranging from 3-3.5 HP motors, the Bodyguard treadmills are very small and underpowered.
  • Restricted incline range – The incline ranges on the Bodyguard treadmills range from 0-15% on the T-30 up to the T-75 incline range of -3% to 15%. This is fairly restricted for the cost of these treadmills.

While the Bodyguard treadmills are not without their merits, they lack the power and pricing to compete with other residential treadmills.

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