Lifespan TR200 Treadmill Review

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Lifespan TR200 Treadmill

Rating: 2 stars – 2

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Lifespan has been known for the specific niche in the treadmill market that they attract. Their user friendly, easy to use, super convenient treadmills are made for people who do not want clutter their living room with a big bulky machine. Now, this means that a lot of power and functionality is going to be sacrificed for conveniences. The TR200 is BestBuy’s winner in the new treadmill category, for its sleek, convenient and ultra-compact design. The matt on this treadmill is only 17” wide by 48” long, which for some is uncomfortably small. But, you won’t lose balance or control because the treadmill only works up to 6 mph. When compared with the TR100 there seems to be very little difference. They both come with a 1.5 HP continuous duty DC motor, they both have the same dimensions, the console has been changed (but only slightly), and it actually goes 2 mph slower than the TR100. So what is the big difference that made this treadmill a winner of a BestBuy award? This is the smallest and most compact treadmill to come with 10 different levels of incline. If you are walking for exercise, then an added incline is going to add a lot more than 2mph would. We agree with BestBuy on this. It is a very cheap and affordable treadmill, and for the small price it is very fair. However, keep in mind that this machine is made for walking. Don’t buy it then be disappointed that you can only get the tread up to 6 mph. This would be more of a gift for some of the elderly people in your life.