LifeSpan TR5000i Treadmill Review

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Lifespan TR5000i Treadmill

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At a staggering price of just under $2,000 the TR5000i is one of LifeSpan’s top treadmills. This comes with some heavy duty components. Take a 3.0 HP AC motor add it to the 800 lb. central incline motor, 1” reversible commercial grade deck and aluminum side rails and you have a treadmill that is really built to last. The AC motor provides great torque from speeds of .4 to 11 miles an hour, and AC motors are more responsive to speed adjustments than the earlier model’s DC motors. The 20” wide by 60” running surface comes with a 2.5mm thick orthopedic belt. The machine is smooth, comfortable and cool-running. An enticing feature for many buyers is the residential warrantee that it comes with. The frame and the motor are guaranteed for life, and all the parts are guaranteed for 7 years. Compared to the TR4000i, which was named treadmill of the year by Health Magazine, there are only a few differences. Both treadmills come with a free membership to Lifespan’s fitness club, where you can save your exercise data via USB and upload it to their interactive website. And the TR5000i does have a new exciting control panel complete with 20 workouts and multi-colored LCD lighting. All in all this is a machine that is built to take a beating. With the heavy duty AC motor and the great warrantee this machine is well worth the price. So if you are a runner that needs a machine that can take a daily pounding then this is the right machine for you. Keep in mind though, if you are not a rigorous runner you may find all the same qualities in a much cheaper treadmill.