Lifespan TR4000i Treadmill Review

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Lifespan TR4000i Treadmill

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Unlike most Lifespan treadmills this one was rated #1 treadmill by Men’s Health Magazine. It was also featured in Runner’s World. With its 20” wide and 60” long running matt and its bio-mechanically enhanced deck suspension you will get a smooth and comfortable run. A 3.25 HP continuous duty DC motor will turn the heat up as you run at speeds as fast as 12 mph. If that’s not enough then you can choose between the fifteen different levels of incline. A unique feature that Lifespan offers with their more savvy models is their Lifespan Fitness program. You can record statistics from your workouts with a portable USB and then upload them to Lifespan’s website where your exercises are then analyzed. This is a great way to monitor long term achievements. This is a smooth quite machine that operates quite well for runners. Despite the disappointing USB and exercise analyses capabilities, this is still a very fair deal. It is a comfortable machine with an enhanced 2.8mm thick belt, which is more bio-mechanically beneficial than older models provide.