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Last Updated: April 28, 2020

The Cubii isn’t the highest-selling elliptical out there, but it has added to the ever-growing market of fitness-at-work products. We figure if you’re truly stuck at your desk most of the day and are struggling to find a good chunk of time to be active every day, maybe you should consider an under-the-desk solution like the Cubii. So we gave it a shot, after all, someone has to sit down at a computer and write all this content, right!?

The Cubii is an inexpensive under-the-desk elliptical that’s good for stationary workers, couch sitters, or anyone who’s SERIOUSLY limited in time and can’t hit the gym or take a walk every day.

We Bought The Cubii Pro For $349

You’ll be hard-pressed to find cardio equipment on TreadmillReviews.com this inexpensive but we’ve branched out a bit to show more “budget-friendly” options. The Cubii really does fill the needs of a specific niche in this market — customers scratching their heads at a way to remain more active during their typically more sedentary day. The Cubii falls under the category of Ellipticals Under $700.

The Cubii Pro Is A Good Elliptical Purchase For This Audience:

  • Programmers, writers, researchers, and anyone else glued to a screen - If you’re watching a screen for most of your workday, an under-the-desk elliptical is a good way to keep your legs moving and your blood pumping (at least more than a little).
  • If you’re recovering from an injury - If you find yourself limited in what you can do physically, the Cubii is a low-impact way to move and condition major muscle groups without risking injury or slowing down healing.
  • When balance issues are a concern - You can workout without fear of losing your balance or falling over.

Why The Cubii Pro Made Our List of Best Ellipticals

When you browse through our top picks for ellipticals this year, you’ll see a lot of high-quality work-horse ellipticals packed with expensive features and commercial build components, which could leave you wondering how on earth the Cubii made the list. It’s pretty simple though — not everyone can afford, fit, or use a standard elliptical. The Cubii meets the needs of a large audience and they have very little competition out there because few under-the-desk ellipticals are built as well as the Cubii.

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Based on these things and the overall technical features of the Cubii, this compact elliptical was easy to love. Continue reading the rest of this review below to get a better feel for the Cubii.

The Cubii Pro Elliptical

Build Quality 5/5


Drive: Internal flywheel

Product Weight: 27.65 lbs

Footprint(W, L, H): 17.56” x 23.15” x 9.77”

Electrical Requirements: Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, USB charger.

Warranties: 1-year product warranty

Return Policy - Cubii can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. They will also pay for the return shipping.

The Cubii Pro Elliptical

Features & Accessories 4/5

Resistance: 8 resistance levels

Display: There is no display on this unit. Cubii compensates for this with the free Cubii app.

On-Board Workouts: none. The Cubii can be used in manual mode only.

Bluetooth: Yes

Heart Rate Monitoring:

USB port: yes, for charging the Cubii

HDMI port: no

The Cubii Pro Elliptical

Subscription Service 4/5

Name: Cubii

Brief Description: The Cubii app pairs with the Cubii elliptical and provides a way to view your progress while the Cubii is in use, stores past workout history, and syncs with compatible Bluetooth devices and apps like Apple HealthKit and FitBit. It works as a remote for your Cubii, giving you the ability to change the Cubii resistance without having to get under your desk to handle the actual Cubii.

Cost: Free

User Profiles: Unlimited

Class Varieties: The Cubii app does not include virtual workout classes or onboard workouts. It can be used in manual mode only. The app allows you to set specific daily goals including miles, calories, and strides.

Community: Cubii allows you to compete with friends. This is a fun feature that promotes healthy competition in the workplace or where ever you use it.


  • Pairs with AppleHealthKit and FitBit

Bottom Line Review Of The Cubii Elliptical

While there are better ways to exercise if you’re able to, the Cubii is a great tool for staying active throughout a typically sedentary workday. If you’re looking for a way to get a bit more movement in during the day and up your calorie burn, this is a great tool. BUT if you’re able to fit in a full workout at the gym, hit the pavement for a walk or run outside, or do anything outside of work during the day for physical activity, we recommend you do that too! The Cubii, while useful in many ways, doesn’t provide the necessary mobility for a truly effective workout.

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Best Place To Buy The Cubii Elliptical

For most products we review on Treadmillreviews.com, we recommend buying directly from the manufacturer. But the Cubii is a little different. Their website is lacking in transparency which made us a little nervous to give them our credit card information. We opted for ordering the Cubii on Amazon. In doing so, we had the reliability of Prime’s return policy and credit card security. Ordering from Amazon also resulted in free shipping — score!