Nautilus Treadmill Reviews 2018

Last Updated: 1/24/2018

Nautilus treadmills share their name with their main parent company Nautilus, Inc. Nautilus treadmills have a decades-long history and is a sister company to the fitness brands Bowflex, Schwinn Fitness, and Universal Gym Equipment. Along with the treadmills Nautilus produces, they also manufacture exercise bikes and ellipticals.

Nautilus Treadmill Product Line Summary

An interesting decision on Nautilus’ part is to only have 3 treadmills currently available. It seems to be a strategic move to focus on quality over quantity. None of their treadmills cost over $1,300, so they are relatively affordable treadmills. The warranties on the Nautilus treadmills are a little shorter than we are used to seeing, with only 15 years on both motor and frame. Most top-quality treadmill manufacturers have lifetime warranties on their frames and motors, like SOLE and NordicTrack.

T6 Series

The T6 series is the current line being produced by Nautilus. They start in price at $949 and have many similarities. The T6 series can reach the max speed of 12 MPH, accommodate up to 4 user profiles, and have LCD screens. The consoles are equipped with USB charging ports, tablet holders, 3-speed fans, and speaker systems. All three of the treadmills have the ability to fold and sync with the Nautilus Trainer™ 2 app.

Out-Of-Stock Nautilus Treadmills

As Nautilus has focused on maintaining a small active treadmill lineup, there are plenty of older Nautilus treadmills that are out-of-stock and will no longer be manufactured by Nautilus. If you are interested in an older Nautilus treadmill, be sure to read our reviews before you commit. Some third-party retailers still have older Nautilus treadmills if you check places like eBay or Amazon for them.

What We Liked On Nautilus Treadmills

There is plenty to like when it comes to Nautilus treadmills, even when comparing them to competitor treadmills in the same price range. Some of the things we liked were:

  • 4 different user profiles, which makes the Nautilus treadmills more family-friendly
  • The incline range on all three was fairly consistent to other treadmills in their price range, with the Nautilus T614 having a range of 0% to 12%, and the Nautilus T616/T618 having a 0% to 15% incline range.
  • The inclusion of the heart rate monitoring chest strap with the purchase of either the Nautilus T616 or the Nautilus T618.
  • Having a USB charging port built into the console of the treadmill. Many treadmills now have tablet/media holders but no convenient way to charge your device while using the treadmill. So it is nice to see this come with the Nautilus treadmills.

Potential Downsides To Owning A Nautilus Treadmill

While we did like several things on the Nautilus treadmills, there were some potential downsides we discovered as we compared them to competitor treadmills.

  • At best, Nautilus treadmills only have 26 workout programs built into the treadmill. Meanwhile, the ProForm Power 995i, one of ProForms’s budget treadmills, has 30 built-in programs.
  • All Nautilus treadmills have LCD screens, while offerings from NordicTrack like the C990 have touchscreen technology, allowing users greater control.
  • The largest treadmill belt available on the Nautilus treadmills is 20” wide by 60” long, while the similarly priced SOLE F65 measures 22” wide by 60” long.
  • Short warranty periods for all Nautilus treadmills can make it hard to trust that Nautilus treadmills will hold up over time.

Our Ruling On Nautilus Treadmills

Nautilus treadmills are decent treadmills and reasonably priced. However, depending on what you are looking for in a treadmill, they may fall short of what a competing treadmill brand can offer you. If you want to look at treadmills similarly priced to the Nautilus treadmills, be sure to check out our best treadmills under $1,000 and our best treadmills under $1,500.