Pros And Cons Of Connected Fitness Mirrors

Fitness mirrors are one of the newest inventions for working out at home. These days, it seems every home workout brand now has its own version too. Some of the top brands include Nordictrack, Proform, Echelon, Tempo, and a newer brand simply called “The Mirror.” These mirrors are designed to bring home workouts and access … [Read more...]

Peloton Rowing Machine Updates And News

Peloton, a newer company that offers top-of-the-line treadmills and stationary bikes, has taken the home workout scene by storm in the past ten years. By offering high-end machines that come with the best online workout experience on the market, they have differentiated themselves from their competition. They can justify a … [Read more...]

How To Develop Running Skills On On Your Treadmill

There are many reasons that getting outside for a regular running workout can feel impossible. Ranging from crappy (or even dangerous) weather to life’s many obligations, don’t let these excuses take you away from getting in a consistent run. Thankfully, today’s best ranking treadmills can bring the joy of running outside … [Read more...]

Can Too Much Caffeine Affect Your Running Workout?

Caffeine, primarily in the form of coffee, makes the world go around. Many of us can’t function properly without our morning cup of coffee- or two- as a “pick me up” to get the day started on the right foot.However, if you’re a runner, you may be wondering how your coffee habit (or any type of caffeine habit) affects … [Read more...]

How To Listen To Your Body And Rest When You Need It

Regular exercise is vital for living a healthy lifestyle. Yet, like anything, too much of a good thing can be detrimental to your health as well. In fact, proper rest is arguably just as important in leading a healthy life as well. Overtraining occurs when the amount of activity completed exceeds the body’s ability to … [Read more...]

Can Breathing Help Lower Your Blood Pressure?

If you have high blood pressure or are at risk of developing high blood pressure, you may be on the hunt for remedies. Traditionally, high blood pressure is most often managed with medications. However, a few holistic measures can help you manage or prevent elevated blood pressure with fewer side effects than regular … [Read more...]

Are Ellipticals Good Or Bad For Your Knees?

Using an elliptical is a great way to get a consistent cardio workout to work toward your fitness goals. Whether you’re going to the gym or have an elliptical at home, there are many benefits to using it since it is considered low impact and still works the entire body.An elliptical is often recommended to anyone with … [Read more...]

Is It Safe To Use An Exercise Bike During Pregnancy?

Staying active during pregnancy is an integral part of boosting the health of both you and your growing baby. Exercising consistently throughout pregnancy yields many tremendous potential benefits, including better weight management, reduced risk of gestational diabetes, and better endurance for childbirth and beyond. There … [Read more...]

How To Pick The Best Shoes For Trail Running

If you spend time running on treadmills or in a city landscape, you’ve probably felt the pull to do more trail running. Getting out in the fresh air and open skies can do wonders for your well-being and motivation to keep running. If you don’t have trail running shoes, it’s time to think about finding the best shoes for … [Read more...]

5 Mental Health Benefits Of Running

Running has a lot of potential health benefits related to building endurance, strength, and overall physical health. However, did you know about the amazing mental health benefits of running? When you choose to get moving, whether it be with running, briskly walking on a treadmill, or some other form of cardio, both your … [Read more...]