Manual vs. Electric Treadmill – Pros And Cons Of Both

There are two basic types of treadmills—manual treadmills and electric treadmills. With a manual treadmill, you are the engine that gets the treadmill to move, while an electric treadmill comes with an electricity-powered motor that runs the treadmill.Beyond these two basic descriptions, you get a wide variety of … [Read more...]

Train For Hiking With Workouts On Your Treadmill

You read that right—you can train for hiking on your treadmill, particularly if you have a good treadmill with a wide incline range. With your treadmill training to fortify you for your future hikes, you won’t be on the fifth mile of a fourteen-mile hike wishing that you could go home.Since our group of treadmill … [Read more...]

What Is A VO2 Max And Why Does It Matter?

Pushing the limits, running harder, lifting heavier, these are all benchmark goals that anyone from elite athletes to recreational exercisers wants to achieve. With all of the bustling improvements in technology, it can be super easy to be able to track certain factors that come together to build the perfect workout … [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About Running As You Age

Exercise is medicine – and all formalities aside, this statement is truer than we may fully realize! Science and research have proven time and time again that exercise and movement have more benefits to health than anything your local PCP could give you to help boost your health. Typically, the current guidelines suggest … [Read more...]

3 Exercises To Strengthen Your Core

When you hear someone talk about their core, you’re probably thinking about a 6-pack of abs. But in all actuality, your core is comprised of many different muscle groups – and not just the ones that make up ripped abs! These core muscles do more than boast strengthening properties; they’re also responsible for maintaining … [Read more...]

Fartlek: What Is It And How Do You Do It?

When it comes to improving your running speed, Fartlek training is the way to go. Granted, this might be a term that is unfamiliar to you – and if it is, that’s okay! The word Fartlek is Swedish, and means “speed” (fart) and “play” (lek). Developed by a track and field superstar back in the 1930’s, Fartlek training is … [Read more...]

How Posture Can Affect Your Running Form

When we think about running, we probably often imagine putting on some comfy workout clothes, putting on the right socks, and lacing up sneakers in order to hit the road our treadmill. Oh, and don’t forget the smartwatch, hat, water bottle, and sunscreen!All of these things are potentially necessary (especially if it’s … [Read more...]

Are Treadmill Calorie Counters Accurate?

When it comes to the calorie counters on treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, and other similar cardio equipment, you might be getting mixed reviews. After all, how do you know if the treadmill calorie counters are even accurate? Between different brands of machines to different heights, weights, and fitness levels of people, … [Read more...]

6 Habits Every Runner Should Adopt

Hitting the pavement for some good heart-pumping exercise, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned runner, can be very exhilarating. But, even the fittest of athletes can have a slip up in their running routine, and may even find that they are struggling when trying to hit a particular distance, mile time, or sticking to a … [Read more...]

How To Choose And Run A Destination Race

If you’re a runner, or even if you’re thinking about starting to incorporate running into your routine, you know that it’s probably not the easiest thing to do to find a race that is local to your hometown. After a while, you might get bored with the daily treadmill routine, or the race that starts down the sidewalk from … [Read more...]